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Chinese Nutrition Society to encourage consumers... (Engels)

Chinese Nutrition Society to encourage consumers to properly get to know whole grains


Organized by the Chinese Nutrition Society, "cereal-based, thick with? Whole grain nutrition and health seminar" Cancer in Beijing today. Consumer representatives from across the country were invited to attend and learn to experts with the "correct understanding of whole wheat" launched an in-depth exchanges.


With increasing people's living standard, people's daily diet and lifestyle are also important changes have taken place, have as a daily staple of the "grain Cereal "Gradually disappeared from our table, and replaced by the more delicate ingredients. However, the" sub-health "and" three high "," rich man's disease "and the emergence of a new term Querang the health status of a modern city worrying. According to the latest "Dietary Guidelines" for the modern way of life and again Diet Used to make the most basic, accurate health food guide?? Food variety, cereal-based, with thickness.


Honorary chairman of the Chinese Nutrition Society, Professor Ge Yu, food diversity can provide essential nutrients, and cereal-based diet is cereals for energy should reach more than half of the total energy diet, mainly because of grain can be provide adequate energy and to avoid excessive intake of fat, help prevent chronic diseases; in particular, help to avoid obesity and weight with diabetes and other chronic diseases. Research data shows that, in the staple food intake under certain preconditions, daily consumption of 85g of whole grains can reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases, and help control weight. Therefore recommends that adults eat 50g a day over the best coarse grains.


Executive vice president of the Chinese Nutrition Society Zhai Feng-ying in her report that the people at the dietary fiber intake gradually decreased, and obesity, hypertension and diabetes, while the incidence of common chronic diseases is rising, dietary fiber intake negatively correlated with the occurrence of chronic diseases. Because a number of studies have found that the physiological functions of dietary fiber include lower blood lipids and glucose, prevent certain tumors, relieve constipation, reduce energy intake and so on, so adequate intake of whole grains will help balance the body healthy.


Related international organizations on a daily dietary fiber intake is also recommended guidance, such as: American Cancer Society recommended standards from 30 to 40 grams per person per day; the European Community Scientific Committee for Food recommended standard 30 per person per day g; FAO recommended daily intake of the normal population should be 27 grams; China Nutrition Society of adults in 2000 to fit the daily intake per day for the 30 grams. However, at present, China's national day from the daily food intake of dietary fiber is only 8-12 grams, less than the relevant international organizations, half the recommended amount.


In addition, the end of 2009 against the north under the three broad consumer launch of a "whole grain knowledge and purchase habits survey" found that about Jiucheng of respondents did not the habit of daily intake of coarse grains; only 4 percent of the people that have the habit of buying whole wheat products, but not the whole wheat products, mainly due to mistrust of market products (61%) and poor taste (34%). The survey also found that the general public choose whole grain products, errors: the list of ingredients in the first components of wheat (50.3%), product names are whole wheat (46.8%) and darker color (36.1%), etc..


Chinese Nutrition Society of view of nutrition Rice White flour is not the more the better. Can be divided into outer to inner husk of grain, aleurone layer, embryo and endosperm valley four parts, its nutritional composition is different. The outer husk of the composition of the cellulose and hemicellulose, which also contains minerals; close to the aleurone layer of husk, containing protein and B vitamins; Valley, where embryos are germinated grains (commonly known as germ), rich in B vitamins and vitamin E, but also fat, protein, carbohydrates and minerals; grain endosperm is a central part, the main component is Starch And a little protein. However, because embryos have no stability valley, lipase easily oxidized, it is difficult Food processing The process of being retained, it can be an effective preservation of high-tech valley embryo.


Whole grains not only helps control weight and promote bowel health, but also can effectively reduce the risk of many cancers and chronic diseases.




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