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Terms & Conditions Media Space

EBIC’: An initiative (and property) of Sonneveld Group B.V. established at the Rietgorsweg 1-3, 3356 LJ Papendrecht The Netherlands.

Media Space’: De digital image library of EBIC

‘Users’: Customers and relations of EBIC, who can access Media Space by registering on the EBIC website.

Materials’: Pictures, audio files, video files and printed matter files. For example: posters, leaflets, window stickers, counter leaflets, Powerpoint presentations, etc.

Credits’: Balance required to purchase and download materials in Media Space.

This website ( including Media Space is property of EBIC. The content and all the files from this website are property of EBIC or are collected from third parties for Marketing purposes. Without clear written permission from EBIC it is prohibited to multiply and/or copy the files in any form possible. All intellectual property rights of the Materials, including copyright, stay with EBIC. If you believe the ownership of any Material is yours, please contact EBIC immediately.

Materials or parts of this website can’t be copied to other websites or being saved in a downloadable format with a resolution bigger than 72 dpi. Mentioning ‘© Sonneveld Group BV’ as source is mandatory.

Using Media Space and downloading materials is reserved for customers and relations of EBIC from the bakery sector and related segments. Bought materials from Media Space can be used for all kinds of possible communication tools for their company, such as: brochures, flyers, website, narrow casting screens, stickers of company cars, store equipments etc.

Users are not allowed to sell or give away images bought on Media Space. Only the buyer has the rights to use the Material. It is not allowed for users to sell their accounts with the associated amount of credits to third parties without clear written permission of EBIC.

EBIC is always entitled to abrogate the account of their users, with the consequence the users can’t download any images anymore. Previously downloaded materials can be used. Any remaining amount of credits will be refunded in agreement. The user has the right to edit the material. It is not allowed to edit the material in a way that the good reputation of EBIC/Sonneveld Group B.V. will or can be damaged.

The user is obliged to take care that these images will not and cannot be used in relation or for the production of pornographic material or in other obscene or humiliating uses. The user accepts their responsibility for the use of images and indemnify EBIC of claims from thirds followed by the use of images.

For best use of this website it is necessary to accept cookies.

By using the information used on this website and visiting the website of EBIC you agree to the disclaimer of EBIC and the Privacy Statement

All rates within Media Space are mentioned in credits. Credits only can be bought via the website of EBIC. EBIC only accepts payments for credits with iDEAL, Visa card and Mastercard. The user declares (payment method credit card) that he or she is the owner of the credit card and that the details are complete and correct. By approval of the payment you authorise EBIC to account the credit card for the payable amount including TAX.

The actual rate of credits can be found on the page specified for buying credits. Bought credits are not transferable or refundable. EBIC doesn’t accept cancellations and/or refunds of payments for credits, which are done for materials, regardless images are used or not.

For every online payment the user receives an invoice. The invoice will be sent by e-mail once directly after the purchase of credits. It is necessary to sent a written request if you wish to receive an invoice by regular mail and a fee will be applied.   

Personal details
EBIC respects the privacy of customers and users. For more information we would like to refer to our privacy statement.  

The user guarantees that all given personal and business details during registration are complete and correct. The user indemnify EBIC from any damage, material or intangible, which can be caused by incompleteness or incorrectness.

The user guarantees to be careful with his/her username or password and informs EBIC immediately by any form of abuse of his/her account. The user accepts responsibility for all activities from his/her account.  

EBIC is not liable for any damage caused by the failure or malfunction of this website. The user accepts responsibility for all activities from his/her account. The user accepts the responsibility for using images and indemnifies EBIC from claims as result from using images.  

EBIC reserves the right to edit, move or remove materials. EBIC reserves the right to edit, move or remove some, all or specific services from Media Space. EBIC is always authorised to delete accounts from users. Any credit balance will be refunded in agreement with the user.

EBIC reserves the right to change these conditions on any time, without communication. Users have to read the terms & conditions regularly. The user should not use Media Space any longer if he/she doesn’t agree to the terms & conditions. 


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