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Payment Terms & Conditions

Before we start to sum up any rules, we want to assure you that we will do everything possible to avoid relying on these rules. We assume that you are familiar with our terms and conditions. We will do everything to satisfy our customers by following up your order perfectly in every detail. We still sum up some rules to be as clear as possible.

You are able to purchase photographs, promotional materials and images through the website of the European Bakery Innovation Centre (EBIC) website. Downloading materials is possible for customers and relations of EBIC within the bakery sector which are registered on the EBIC website. The payment for these materials can only be done with credits.

Credits can only be bought at the website of EBIC.

For the processing of online payments, EBIC uses the online pay desk of ABN AMRO. The ABN AMRO Online Pay desk is a secure payment system that is designed and managed by ABN AMRO. The security of your payments is of continuous care for ABN AMRO.

For the purchase of credits, EBIC only accepts payment via iDEAL or credit card (Visa card and Mastercard). You guarantee that you are the cardholder and that the information is complete and correct by paying with credit card. When approving the payment, you authorize EBIC to reserve the amount of the payment from your credit card (including VAT).

The rate of a credit / credit bundle is the rate which is specified at the purchase page at the time of purchase. Rates for credit bundles are given in euro’s and are excluding VAT unless it is mentioned in a different way.

All other rates are given in the amount of credits, unless the rates are given in euro’s. Workshops, Seminars and other products on the EBIC website aren’t purchasable with credits. Credits are used on Media Space.  

Credits are not transferable and purchased credits are not refundable.

Credits are only updated if the payment transaction has been successful. If we receive a message from your bank and / or credit card company that the payment has not been successfully been made, your credit balance will not be updated.

The credit balance will be credited to the account you are currently logged in with. It is not possible to use credits on company level, only on account level. When your company has multiple accounts or accounts in various language versions of the website, it is not possible to share the credits with other members of your company. In this case, use only one account for your purchases.

EBIC does not accept cancellations and / or refunds of credit payments, which are made for materials in Media Space, whether the materials are actually used or not.

For each online payment you will receive an order confirmation and an invoice. The invoice will always be sent once per email immediately after purchase. It is therefore important that you enter the correct email address. For sending of the invoice by regular mail, there must be made a separate written application to be made and you will be charged for this method.

Your credit card details are not stored by EBIC.



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