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Collaboration with Wageningen University & Research

Since October 2017, EBIC has entered into a partnership with Wageningen University & Research (WUR). One day a week, Peter Weegels, EBIC Director, will be working on a study of the digestibility of cereal products. He will study the technology to improve this digestibility,  publish the results of this research, and give lectures to future food technology experts.

There are several components in grain, including proteins that inhibit enzymes. These proteins cause the grains to be less digestible, making grain becomes less attractive for insects, and causing mildew to evolve less quickly. This means that cereal products are also less digestible by people if they are not properly processed, with the possible consequence of damaging the body or causing an allergenic reaction.

There is currently a lot of discussion about the health benefits of cereal products. Part of the Dutch population adheres to a gluten-free diet for no medical reason. Gluten is a protein contained in barley, oats, rye and wheat. Is it true that these people can't abide cereal products because of gluten, or are there other components? Could this be related to the digestibility of grain? Or is it a psychological problem? Research needs to be carried out to identify ways to solve this problem.


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