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(Reprocessing) breadwaste

Food waste is growing in The Netherlands

The waste of food has increased between 2009 and 2011, with 6 to 60 kilograms per head. The Dutch government has the goal to decrease food waste with 20% to 2015. This is shown by the Monitor Food Waste from the Wageningen University which was presented to the Ministry of Economic affairs. The Monitor states that the goal of decreasing Food Waste by 20% will not be acquired.

The biggest group responsible are consumers. They throw away 800 million kilograms of food each year. That is ten times more than retailers.

Potato processing industry and bakeries

Not only consumers, but also companies in the potato processing and baking industry are responsible for a big share in waste. Spilled waste consists mostly of vegetable fats, soy products and vegetables and fruit.

Waste from farmers, gardeners and food industry is relatively often recycled or composted. But the most spilled food will be burned.

‘Providing insights’

No figures are available about Food Waste with regular business. That’s why secretary of state Dijksma calls for cooperation from Businesses to provide insights in their food waste.

This summer an action plan must be available about how to reduce Food Waste.

Source: 22nd of May, (Dutch)


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