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(Reprocessing) breadwaste

Amount of Food Waste increased with 68% in The Netherlands

Sort analysis of home garbage from 19 big and small municipalities reveals an increase of 68% of food products within two years. CREM (instance of sustainable development) has researched food loss with Dutch households in 2010. 

Waste analysis
These figures are still used as measure for food waste in the Netherlands. On regular basis CREM performed  sort analysis for municipalities of home garbage. With this analysis the increase of avoidable food garbage was measured in all 19 municipalities. If this trend will be measured countrywide the Dutch individual throws away 74 kilo of edible food, instead of 44 kilo.

Collecting separated waste 
The sort analysis gives an overview of the composition of garbage. At random per municipality a large amount of garbage will be checked on different components, including food. The results show more than the amount of food waste, it’s also used to measure the separation of vegetables, fruit, garden waste, paper, glass, fabric and plastics. Research also claims that  urban areas produce as much waste as country side areas. Next to that there is no significant difference between municipalities with separated vegetables, fruits and garden waste collection or municipalities without separated waste. Nothing about the cause is known yet.   

CREM, 25/01/13, (Dutch)


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