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Sustainable palm oil

First annual report of Belgian Alliance on Sustainable Palm Oil

The Belgian Alliance on Sustainable Palm Oil published its first annual report on June 1st. In 2012, 31% of the palm oil used by the Belgian food industry was sustainable.

Sustainable palm oil was traded by means of three different trading models: Mass Balance (55%), certificates (36%) and Segregated (9%). The number of companies that are member of GreenPalm and RSPO increased throughout the year.

The alliance was launched in the beginning of 2012 by the industry associations for the margarine industry (APIM), potato processing industry (Belgapom), chocolates, biscuits, pralines and confectionary (Choprabisco), bakeries (FGBB), Belgian Food industry (FEVIA), producers of bakery ingredients (UNIFA), and palm oil companies (Cargill and Fuji Oil Europe). In the same year, the feed industry (BEMEFA-APFACA), a palm oil plantation (SIPEF) and the association of the producers of cleaning products (Detic) joined the alliance. The alliance has adopted the strategy of the Dutch Task Force Sustainable Palm Oil and also committed to 100% sustainable palm oil in 2015.

The report was produced by the alliance in collaboration with the Dutch refiners and the Product Board MVO.

For more information and the report.

Source: 20 June 2013, (Dutch)


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