European Bakery Innovation Centre

Application Centre

In the EBIC application centre all the equipment required is available for conducting small-scale testing on the line in a controlled manner.

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Softness measurements, C-cell measurements can be taken and volume scans made. In combination with sensory testing this can support your product development even better. Using EBIC before scaling up can pay back extremely quickly in this way. Bakery technologists and application bakers can also be hired.

EBIC has one of the most modern bakeries of Europe. It is possible to temporariliy place your own equipment. All activities in the EBIC Application Centre can be broadcasted through various webcams. If desired you can follow the action from your own office.


  • Industrial bakeries
  • Artisan bakeries
  • Raw materials suppliers


The costs depend on the duration, type of equipment and guidance and monitoring. Please contact us for a custom quotation.


If you have any futher questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Mr. P. Weegels can answer all your questions. Please call +31 (0)78 6442525 or via

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