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Harvest and ancient grains seminar

The harvest transition is an exciting event in the whole bakery sector every year. From a technological standpoint: is the quality of the flour equal, better, or should we make adjustments to have good quality bread on the table? From a commercial point: is there enough available in good quality and what is the impact of that availability on the price? As the first in the Dutch market EBIC successfully organises the Harvest seminar since 2007.

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Added value for the participant:

  • Bakeries, raw materials suppliers can better cope with the new harvest
  • Acquiring knowledge from within the bakery chain
  • General background information to improve purchasing flexibility and market developments
  • Commercial and technological insights
  • Networking


  • Buyers and Quality Assurance managers of bakeries
  • Bakerychains and flour processing industries
  • Owners and (production) managers of bakeries
  • Flour suppliers Benelux, Germany
  • Raw Material Suppliers (development and procurement)
  • Students, schools, advisors
  • Sector organisations
  • Flour merchants
  • Retailers


The costs of this seminar will be EUR 199,- (excl. VAT) per person.


Our general cancellation policy applies.


We've asked all participants to judge all aspects of the EBIC harvest transition. Our customers judged the Harvest Transition with an average of 8 out of 10 points!

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