European Bakery Innovation Centre

Application Tests

Testing and studies of application equipment in EBIC.

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Various suppliers of, for example, kneading machines, product lines, proving ovens and other ovens gain valuable information with EBIC. And suppliers of raw materials are happy to use EBIC expertise. EBIC also has free space for installing and testing equipment for a short period.


Industrial bakeries
Artisanal bakeries
Raw materials suppliers
Suppliers of bakery equipment


The costs of application tests depend on the type of testing. Please contact us for a quotation.


The testresults and conclusions are presented in a report with clear graphic views for all aspects. If desired we can present the results during a presentation to your department, principal or management.


If you have any futher questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Mr. P. Weegels can answer all your questions. Please call +31 (0)78 6442525 or via

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